Art Direction

Planeta Singli: Osiem historii (Planet Single: Eight Stories) Television Series for Canal+. Eight different portraits of the contemporary world of love ups and downs. Each episode is a closed whole, and the characters differ in age, origin or motivation to search for their other half online. They have one thing in common - the desire to find love. Episode 8: Noc w Amsterdamie (The Kiss) airing on 13 February 2022

Piotr comes on a business trip to Amsterdam and after a failed presentation, he fears over the fate of his business in a local bar. He also celebrates his birthday with his friends. As a gift, his friends decide to set up a fake account for him on Planet Singles and arrange him for a chance meeting with the beautiful Dutch woman Sylvia. Will a fateful day turn into the best night of his life?

Cast: Jan Sobolewski, Sallie Harmsen, Micha Hulshof

Director: Michal Marczak
DoP: Mateusz Skalski
Production: Michal Chaciński, Danielle Guirguis, Gigant Films, Smarthouse Films, M7 Group, Canal+ Polska


Production Design: Jacek Mocny
Art Director: Emmy Rommers
Assistant Art Director: Stella Rammeloo
Assistant Art Department: Lucienne Dekker, Meret Wellmann
Setdresser: Kino Haverkorn
Runner: Jesse Bowen Martens (additional: Kathleen Hilbers)